Welcome to Fruitapeel

Established in 2006 by Terry Haigh and Debbie Haigh, Fruitapeel is one of the UK’s leading fruit and confectionery sauce manufacturers based in Lancashire.

Fruitapeel is an industry-leading team with decades of experience in sauce production. The 50,000 square-foot Lancashire factory has a level 7 BRC grade A status and is dedicated to manufacturing a variety of fruit and confectionery sauces, compotes, pie fillings, coulis and ripples.

With a manufacturing capacity of 400 tons per week, Fruitapeel supplies several high profile brands and is the second largest manufacturer of fruit and confectionery sauces in the UK.

Fruitapeel’s extensive manufacturing facilities and proven production capabilities ensure that they are perfectly aligned to meet your stringent demands through a vast product range and a flexible, responsive and highly competitive service.

To find out more about Fruitapeel’s passion for expert sauce manufacture, please call on 0151 548 5612 or email info@fruitapeel.co.uk