Welcome to Fruitapeel
Welcome to Fruitapeel

Industry-leading manufacturers of Fruit and Confectionary sauces to the Retail and Food Service sectors

Aseptic Manufacture

A level of quality on a finished product not seen before

Fruitapeel have invested in true aseptic technology. The new equipment offers minimal processing for a brighter colour and fresher flavour, vacuum cooling perfect for high quality jams, fillings or layers and pressure cooking for specialised flavour character.

It is designed to release 96% whole fruit out of each batch manufactured. The finished Picture1product from aseptic manufacture is fantastic for highly visual products such as cheesecakes, patisserie and anything that needs to be appealing to the eye.

This new approach is already paying dividends: Fruitapeel have secured a major contract supplying fruit compote to a large high street retailer, producing what Terry Haigh describes as “a level of quality on a finished product not seen before”.

To discuss aseptic manufacture, please call us on 0151 548 5612 or email info@fruitapeel.co.uk